Nicole Dean has been a trusted and respected source of PLR and done-for-you content on the web since 2006. ContentDrafts.com is her latest venture.

There are numerous done-for-you content sites on the web. So why should you choose ContentDrafts.com?

With ContentDrafts.com you choose only the content you need. No more getting locked into memberships that send you articles from a variety of topics each month. Just grab just the articles that you need. You are in complete control.

No Membership Required. Buy only what you need.

No “mystery” articles

No more paying for content you can’t use

No Junk… Ever!

Our Content is Professionally Written And Edited

We may be the only done-for-you content site on the planet that runs every single piece of content through TWO professional writers BEFORE we’ll let you see it.

The first writer puts together the content. When we receive the articles, they’re normally perfect. However, that’s not good enough for my customers.

The second writer/editor goes through the article pack, adding even more ideas and more value. You get two clever writers working on your content before you even see them.

When I purchase a product or service I like to know about the expertise of the people behind the company. So I’d like you to know who I am.

Nicole Dean, The Market Leader Behind Content Drafts

My name is Nicole Dean. I’m the owner of NicoleontheNet.com and several other helpful and informative websites in a variety of niches. (Yes, I actually have made money in niches OTHER than teaching people how to make money online).

My business motto is “Making the Web and the World a Better Place since 2004” – which is when I started my online business.

I’m also a highly requested speaker for teleseminars, webinars, and live events. I know my stuff.

Most importantly I understand the need you have for a steady source of quality content and I’ve put my experience and expertise behind establishing ContentDrafts.com to help business owners like you realize great success.

Here’s to Your Success,