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Start Right!

Rock Your Morning to

Rock Your Life

This done-for-you content package was designed with you in mind. Each piece was created to give you everything you need for more visibility, interaction, authority and list growth.

Picture your clients, waking up, grabbing their phones, and opening Facebook or email.

Suddenly 30 minutes have flown by, their hearts are racing and they feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on what is important. They find an especially urgent email and jump from bed to their computers to put out fires.

The day ends. They are still feeling stressed, and busy, but not like anything creative or really important got done. Just a bunch of jumping through hoops. 

Picture another client.

She wakes up with her alarm feeling refreshed, puts on the clothes sitting next to her bed. Then, she goes outside with a cup of coffee to meditate for a few minutes and journal, and heads off on a quick walk. 

When she comes back home she grabs and apple and walks into her office. There waiting for her is a list of key important things she needs to accomplish in order to reach the next levels in her business. 

She ends her day feeling like a rock star! 

Whether you're a morning person or not,  you know the power of starting your day right. 

Got a client who just can't seem to get anything done?

Or a client who wants to work on her side hustle but she just can't find the time? 

This content was designed with them in mind. 

This done-for-you content will help you to teach your audience to finally make changes that stick so they can live the lives of their dreams. 

Here's What's Included in This Done-For-You Content Package...

Self-Assessment: Would You Benefit from Having a Morning Routine?

You'll get a self-assessment quiz that you can use as a list-builder.

This document has 10 multiple choice questions to get your readers looking at how they are living and where they might want to make tiny changes. 

You can turn this document into a pretty printable pdf that they can fill out old-school as a self-assessment or add these questions into software, such as SurveyMonkey to poll your community to see exactly what areas they need further help and what information they are looking for from you.

Offer this self-assessment as a content upgrade in the blog posts to grow your lists. 

1000+ Word EPIC BLOG POST:
15 Apps to Help Your Develop Good HaBits to Rock your morning routine

We all know people love to share epic (long) blog posts, especially lists. That's why every package we offer will include one post that's over 1000 words long!

"15 Apps to Help You Develop Good Habits to Rock Your Morning Routine" was designed to help you to create your own epic blog post. Add to it, expand upon it, and you'll have a blog post that you'll be proud of. 

Or if list-building is your current focus, once you tweak the content, you can turn this into a report and ask for an opt in for people to get it. 

Plus 5 additional Blog POsts

You'll also receive 5 professionally written blog posts with an average word count of 580 words.

These titles are waiting for you to customize with your personality and knowledge: 

  • Morning Routines that Set a Positive Tone for Your Entire Day
  • Jump Start Your Day by Doing These Essentials the Night Before
  • How Lists Can Help You Get Out the Door with Minimal Fuss in the Morning 
  • Get Up Early – How Waking Up Earlier Can Drive Success All Day
  • How a Great Night’s Sleep Jump Starts Your Day

Post them on your blog or combine them into a report to teach your audience all about how to finally make the changes they've so desperately wanted to make.

Or use each individual article as a draft to create 5 epic blog posts of your own. 

We make it easy to be a social butterfly

To help you to get exposure to your blog posts, we've included 6 posts optimized for Twitter and 5 posts written for Facebook.

If you add your hashtags and an image, those 5 Facebook posts work perfectly on Instagram as well.

Only $27

Which is much less than you'd pay a writer for just one blog post.

What Can You Do With Your Done-For-You Content? 

We call these "Content Drafts" because we give you the starting point to create something awesome and life-changing. We want to help you to make the world a better place, so be sure to infuse stories and examples into the content and make it your own. 

Here are just a few more ideas to get the most out of this package...

  1. Feed your blog. It probably seems like there is never enough time to write new posts... so now there is!
  2. Get social. Use your new content to keep up with your Insta, Facebook, and other accounts. 
  3. Bundle the blog posts into a short report and use it to grow your lists.
  4. Create an email funnel that upsells to a paid product or private coaching.
  5. Use the articles as talking points for a podcast, YouTube video, or Facebook livestream.
  6. Design a 5-day challenge around the blog posts, and walk your audience through each step with a video, audio, or guest expert interview.
  7. Use the content as a starting point for a paid course or webinar.

Remember, you get this in .doc format and you can edit it, remove or replace portions, customize it, monetize it, feature your own programs or your favorite products, or just use it as it is.